Death Drones For Android Review

DeathDrones Review

DeathDrones is a classic shoot ’em up game, which was launched on Android last month. The primary aspect of the game is to pass through multiple levels by defeating all enemies while collecting coins and powerups along the way.

The game has an in-app purchase system that allows you to buy in-game currency in exchange for real money. This means it’s possible to fully unlock DeathDrones without playing much or at all, just by paying extra money to play. Despite this fact, DeathDrones still brings enough entertainment value to be worth buying. It also features simple yet smooth graphics and sound effects along with satisfying gameplay mechanics.

Overall, I highly recommend this free android game if you are willing to spend some money on it. The game’s only difficulty is the need to grind for in-game currency/powerups if you want to fully complete it by playing, but not paying extra money.

# Review Overview      8 Story Mode             10    –     0 Variety             10    –     0 Replay Value           5    –     3 Extra Content             NA Overall Score                   8 Personal Enjoyment             9      Ranking Comparison                 NA

Summary: An entertaining easy shooting game with an IAP system that unlocks most of the content without playing much. It has simple yet pleasant graphics and sounds along with enjoyable gameplay mechanics. You can unlock everything you want by playing or paying extra money, so either way it makes for an entertaining experience.

8/10 – Very Good. This game is well worth its price tag and should be purchased immediately if you are interested in the genre or the concept of the game itself. There may be minor flaws that can hamper your enjoyment, but these are negligible and won’t affect your overall experience too much unless absolutely necessary.

Recommendation: Buy it now!    Otherwise, check out other shooting games

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