City Quiz – Guess the city answers for level 41 – 60

City Quiz – Guess the city is an extremely addictive game that developed by mangoo games. It’s as well a word guessing game where you have to guess the city name by see four different photos for a particular level. So it can be little hard to guess sometimes. You can play City Quiz game on your iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod. If you get stuck on level 41 to 60, the answers, solutions, cheats, hints and walkthrough guides, help and tips at below will help you to proceed for next.

Walkthrough answers and cheats for City Quiz – Guess the city Level 41 – 60. 

Puzzle Level # 41: MECCA
Puzzle Level # 42: LISBON
Puzzle Level # 43: VATICAN
Puzzle Level # 44: HOUSTON
Puzzle Level # 45: HAVANA
Puzzle Level # 46: VENICE
Puzzle Level # 47: BERLIN
Puzzle Level # 48: DALLAS
Puzzle Level # 49: JERUSALEM
Puzzle Level # 50: WASHINGTON
Puzzle Level # 51: MADRID
Puzzle Level # 52: TAIPEI
Puzzle Level # 53: ATLANTA
Puzzle Level # 54: BUCHAREST
Puzzle Level # 55: EDINBURGH
Puzzle Level # 56: VALENCIA
Puzzle Level # 57: LIMA
Puzzle Level # 58: LUXOR
Puzzle Level # 59: COPENHAGEN
Puzzle Level # 60: SHENZHEN

City Quiz Guess The City Answers 41 60

How many cities will you be able to identify? As sometimes guess the city name quite difficult and you just incapable to preserve information about the world cities, we are here to lend a hand you to pass the next. If you feel this page is assisting you to continue for next while playing the City Quiz – Guess the city game; please place in your comment at below.

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