Clue Pics – Guess the Saying level 21 – 40 Answers

Looking for Clue Pics – Guess the Saying level 21 – 40 answers and solutions? Then you have come to the right page. This is a new game app for android devices that developed by APPDREAMZ. The game presents photo puzzle in 6 different categories – Sayings, Movies, Famous People, Landmarks, Brands and Cities. Moreover, developer promised to add more categories. The game contains mind bending picture puzzles & hints to identify what’s in the shown photo. If you got stuck, use our Clue Pics – Guess the Saying answers, cheats, walkthrough guides, solutions, hints, tricks, strategy and tips to continue with this fun & addictive puzzle game.

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying level 21 – 40 answers, cheats, walkthrough, solutions

Level Number # 21 (Movie) = IRON MAN
Hint: I and man in black suit tie
Level Number # 22 (Landmark) = COLOSSEUM
Hint: color + cm – R underline
Level Number # 23 (Movie) = CASINO ROYALE
Hint: word cas in big O under a crown
Level Number # 24 (Landmark) = EIFFEL TOWER
Hint: fill fill fill fill – 4 times word fill with I in white round
Level Number # 25 (Saying) = NO PAIN NO GAIN
Hint: p/g ain behind a red circle with slash or a No sign
Level Number # 26 (Movie) = THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW
Hint: today 28-jun 29-jun 30-jun 01-jul with hand pointing to 30 jun
Level Number # 27 (Famous People) = CELINE DION
Hint: word cel in D with a black switch
Level Number # 28 (Saying) = IN THE HOT SEAT
Hint: blue seat and hand pointing to yellow burning seat
Level Number # 29 (Famous People) = ELTON JOHN
Hint: ELT line Jon
Level Number # 30 (Movie) = GONE IN SIXTY SECOND
Hint: TgToTnTeTT 22:30:25 with hand pointing to second 25
Level Number # 31 (Saying) = PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT
Hint: I’m 65 kg and man pulling K of Kg by rope
Level Number # 32 (Movie) = FACE OFF
Hint: 1 red 2 green off button with a face, 2 hands, a leg
Level Number # 33 (Landmark) = TIMES SQUARE
Hint: white watch and sand watch with 22:15:20 and 09:45:25
Level Number # 34 (Famous People) = SHARON STONE
Hint: line between word share and a stone piece
Level Number # 35 (Landmark) = LEANING TOWER OF PISA
Hint: 4 pieces of pizza
Level Number # 36 (Movie) = THE EVIL DEAD
Hint: White RIP black RIP with hand pointing black R.I.P red wing
Level Number # 37 (Movie) = THE MATRIX RELOADED
Hint: math terms with green arrow
Level Number # 38 (Famous People) = MORGAN FREEMAN
Hint: line under word morg with Sale tag $0.00 and man
Level Number # 39 (Saying) = DO OR DIE
Hint: Do with slash
Level Number # 41 (Movie) = AIR FORCE ONE
Hint: O2 CE CE CE CE – 4 times CE and 1 at end

Clue Pics Guess The Saying Answers

Need more puzzle solutions? Stay with us for further answers. Obviously it’s a Challenging and fun game that will keep your engage for a long time.

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