Hi Guess the Movie level 3 Answers

Need answers for level 3 of Hi Guess the Movie game? Here we’ve introduced all level 3 puzzles from stage number 41 to 70 walkthroughs guide, help, tricks, cheats and solutions. The game is developed by Man Zhang and currently downloadable as a free game from App Store for iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod. The game will verify your Movie name guessing skill by show photographs of a movie. Gamers have to make out the name of the Movie that shown on the screen. If you get stuck on any puzzle stage of level 3, you can apply our cheats and solutions to achieve everything. Explore here all the Hi Guess the Movie Answers & cheats for Level 3 Puzzle stage No 41 to 70.

Puzzle Stage 41 # (man with black hair, sunglass and t-shirt or tank top) The Matrix
Puzzle Stage 42 # (diamond with falling blood drop on bottom) = Blood Diamond
Puzzle Stage 43 # (An up hand in the air with fingers shown V) = Star Trek
Puzzle Stage 44 # (mask with black eyes and 2 red twist twirl spiral on cheek) = Saw
Puzzle Stage 45 # (yellow arm hand holding a pink donut) = Simpsons Movie
Puzzle Stage 46 # (hair & eyes of a yellow object with black glasses) = Despicable Me
Puzzle Stage 47 # (blue circle with number 4 on white background) = Fantastic Four
Puzzle Stage 48 # (black face silver blue helmet with a black line on eyes) = Robocop
Puzzle Stage 49 # (face of a man with suit and a red rose) = The Godfather
Puzzle Stage 50 # (red cobra on black background) = GI Joe
Puzzle Stage 51 # (red face with black facial hair) = Hellboy
Puzzle Stage 52 # (white helmet with a red letter M) = Speed Racer
Puzzle Stage 53 # (brown hair woman showing a wallet with an ID card) = Identity Thief
Puzzle Stage 54 # (island with a black lighthouse and trees) = Shutter Island
Puzzle Stage 55 # (a man standing in front middle of a red C) = Chicago
Puzzle Stage 56 # (woman holding two guns by 2 hands) = Tomb Raider
Puzzle Stage 57 # (black eyes and red lips on white background) = Dark Knight
Puzzle Stage 58 # (yellow letter I on black brown circle) = Incredibles
Puzzle Stage 59 # (a white dress and 5 pink dresses) = Bridesmaids
Puzzle Stage 60 # (purple bar of soap) = Fight Club
Puzzle Stage 61 # (woman with a blue necklace and long black hair flying in the wind) = Pocahontas
Puzzle Stage 62 # (brown horse shape with wheels on blue Background) = Troy
Puzzle Stage 63 # (man wear grey sweater and his fist in the air) = Rocky
Puzzle Stage 64 # (upper body of a man is in grey and dark grey colors) = Die Hard
Puzzle Stage 65 # (Two similar knifes in a holster) = Machete
Puzzle Stage 66 # (an eye in the middle of blue M letter) = Monsters Inc
Puzzle Stage 67 # (woman wear a yellow suit and holding a Samurai sword) = Kill Bill
Puzzle Stage 68 # (pink nose and black whiskers of a pink animal) = Pink Panther
Puzzle Stage 69 # (black mask attached with white helmet) = Star Wars
Puzzle Stage 70 # (American flag and man with black hair and mustache) = Borat

Hi Guess The Movie Answers Level 3

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