Hi Guess the TV Show Answers & cheats

Have you enough knowledge to guess the name of TV shows? Hi Guess the TV Show is a latest released photo guessing mobile game that developed by Man Zhang. The game comes as a paid ($.99) game on iOS platform to run on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod and as a free app in Android platform where gamers have to recognize the TV Show name by see a photo. Currently the game presents 130 stages which will remain you guessing as well as amused for a long time. This page will help you to explore all the game answers, walkthrough guide, help, cheat, solution, hints and tips for this game. If you get stuck on any stage, you can use our solutions to make correct answer.

While playing Hi Guess the TV Show game player will absolutely go back for memories that they stored whenever they watched that shows. Keep guessing by play the game on your iOS or android device. We have listed all the right answers and cheats for this game here –

Level 1 walkthrough guide, helps, cheats solutions and answers

Puzzle Level # 1: BIG BANG THEORY
Puzzle Level # 2: CRIMINAL MINDS
Puzzle Level # 3: GAME OF THRONES
Puzzle Level # 4: GLEE
Puzzle Level # 5: MODERN FAMILY
Puzzle Level # 6: MYTHBUSTERS
Puzzle Level # 7: NCIS
Puzzle Level # 8: THE SIMPSONS
Puzzle Level # 9: THE VOICE
Puzzle Level # 10: WALKING DEAD

Hi Guess The TV Show Answers Cheats

How many TV Shows will you be able to recognize? However, Hi Guess the TV Show is challenging on some stages and if you get stuck on any stage, you can utilize our solutions to continue with the game.

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