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Shadow Pop is a recently released mobile game that runs on iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod. The game challenges players to guess some well-known movies & TV shows character by display a blacked out photo of that characters. It’s a unique game and developer Peter Gilmour may be introduce it on others platform in coming days. If you have sufficient knowledge on Movie & TV Series characters, this game would be a perfect one for you.

The Gameplay of this game is very straightforward and easy to find the way, as every puzzle signifies a character and you must guess and submit the correct answer by seeing the shown blacked out picture. The game begins out with the most renowned and quite uncomplicated characters in the starting, but as you move for next it will check your knowledge on difficult to guess and slighter recognized characters. Shadow Pop is an exceptional app from further trivia game app which really can connect you with the game for continues fun.

While playing the Shadow Pop game on your device – if you get stuck and interested to get a solution to go on with the next, here we listed all the answers, walkthrough guides, helps, tricks, cheats and solutions for this game –

Level 1 walkthrough guide, helps, cheats solutions and answers

Puzzle Stage # 1 : MickeyMouse
Puzzle Stage # 2 : Snoopy
Puzzle Stage # 3 : Piglet
Puzzle Stage # 4 : Stewie
Puzzle Stage # 5 : Spongebob
Puzzle Stage # 6 : Batman
Puzzle Stage # 7 : Garfield
Puzzle Stage # 8 : Krusty
Puzzle Stage # 9 : Scoobydoo
Puzzle Stage # 10 : Bart
Puzzle Stage # 11 : Catdog
Puzzle Stage # 12 : Bender
Puzzle Stage # 13 : Hellokitty
Puzzle Stage # 14 : Shrek
Puzzle Stage # 15 : Nemo
Puzzle Stage # 16 : Sonic
Puzzle Stage # 17 : Homer
Puzzle Stage # 18 : Aladdin
Puzzle Stage # 19 : Tigger
Puzzle Stage # 20 : Bugsbunny

Level 2 answers

Level 3 answers

Level 4 answers

Level 5 answers

Level 6 answers

Level 7 answers

Level 8 answers

Shadow Pop Answers 

Currently we have no information about exactly when Peter Gilmour will release the additional levels and app update, but possibly they are developing it right now. You also can inquire about particular problems here by put your comment below.

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