Temple Run 2 Android release date confirmed, iOS version already Available

Temple Run 2, the sequel of the most crazily accepted mobile game, will release for Android powered devices sometime next week. However, the game is already released for the iOS platform to play on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Android users should be getting the game on January 24th.

Temple Run 2 is also a free game and users can get the game on their smart devices without paying a cent. The game develops on the original with an impressive enhancement of the graphics, a fresh surroundings and a completely fresh feel with further exceptional power-ups and creative tracks. Imangi Studios, developer of the game, says Temple Run 2 was developed from the ground up to provide them further independence in growing the experience.

Temple Run 2 as well includes redesigned paths. The game is about a continual runner same as the original game, however levels in new game contain hills and stairs which build the game glance better. The 3D environment as well indicates the hills and stairs unclear the path at times, which creates the game further daring and nervous.

Further new features contain new obstacles, extra power-ups, extra achievements, special powers for every character and monkeys.

The original game was a record breaker when it came on iOS and Android. Its follow-up has already got some excellent reaction from iOS users, and the similar can be anticipated from the Android users.
Temple Run 2


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