Icomania level 10 answers & cheats

Icomania level 10 answers & cheats

Level 10 of Icomania game contains total 52 different icons to answer by a gamer. Here we include all level 10 answers & cheats, if you get stuck on enjoying level 10 then you can apply our help and guide to move on next stage. In this particular level there are 10 icons about Character (Buffy, Yogi Bear, Dr House, Austin Powers, Casper, Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo, Barney Stinson, Pink Panther, Maximus), 10 icons about Brand (Blizzard, Logitech, IBM, Pixar, Nescafe, Pampers, L’oreal, Discovery, Playstation, Braun), 14 icons about Famous People (Daniel Craig, Amy Winehouse, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, Dirk Nowitzki, Britney Spears, Da Vinci, Hugh Jackman, Al Pacino, Jamie Oliver, Bob Marley, Dustin Hoffman, Cameron Diaz), 7 icons about City (Toronto Boston Amsterdam Mecca Istanbul Cape Town, Houston), 1 icons about Country (Norway) and others 10 icons about TV & Movies (Kung Fu Panda Tron Da Vinci Code Sin City X-Men Charlie’s Angels The Mummy Avp Spartacus Incredibles).

Level 9 Brand

Icomania Level 10 Brand Puzzle Answers
Brand puzzle 313 # 2 blue letter ZZ or 3 letter ZZA on black background – BLIZZARD
Brand puzzle 309 # oval abstract in green color, grey and red abstract circle on white – LOGITECH
Brand puzzle 308 # many blue color strip like line on white background – IBM
Brand puzzle 312 # white circle with grey border like table lamp on blue background – PIXAR
Brand puzzle 310 # black letter ES or NES on white background – NESCAFE
Brand puzzle 314 # yellow heart & 5 line at top with blue letter on white – PAMPERS
Brand puzzle 307 # Black letter L’E on white background – L’OREAL
Brand puzzle 311 # black latter cove at top and blue line and half oval – DISCOVERY
Brand puzzle 315 # purple square, blue triangle, pink circle, blue cross – PLAYSTATION
Brand puzzle 316 # 3 black letters RAU on white background – BRAUN

Level 9 Character

Icomania Level 10 Character Puzzle Answers

Level 9 City

Icomania Level 10 City Puzzle Answers

Level 9 Country

Icomania Level 10 Country Puzzle Answers

Level 9 Famous People

Icomania Level 10 Famous People Puzzle Answers

Level 9 TV & Movies

Icomania Level 10 TV Movies Puzzle Answers

All players require to do is to only guess what about the icon shows. Though, players are not all the time accurate while replying an icon name. That’s why they require to be happy themselves by confirming out the accurate answers for some level stages.

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