Icomania level 6 answers & cheats

Icomania level 6 answers & cheats

Icomania is becoming one of the most played games of 2013. You have to submit your answer for shown icon by using your knowledge about city, country, cartoon or human character, famous people, corporate brands, TV program and Movies. The game can provide a great entertainment by make you smile, as cartoon characters and famous people from your early days are introduced along with the well-liked celebrities.

Here we include level 6 answers & cheats, if you get stuck on playing level 6 then you can utilize our help and guide to go forward. Level 6 of Icomania contains total 28 different icons – 4 icons about Character (Ken, Ron, Herbie, Neo), 11 icons about Brand (Harley Davidson, Hard Rock Cafe, Kraft, Mgm, Mitsubishi, Kelloggs, Quiksilver, Honda, Reebok, Lamborghini, Greenpeace), 8 icons about Famous People (Dicaprio, Muhammad Ali, Mel Gibson, Hawking, Hulk Hogan, Schwarzenegger, Cleopatra, Paris Hilton), 2 icons about Country (Cuba, Spain) and others 3 icons about TV & Movies (Sexandthecity, Toy Story, Millionaire).

Level 6 Brand

Icomania Level 6 Brand Answers
Brand puzzle 177 # orange-black badge and white line on grey background – HARLEY DAVIDSON
Brand puzzle 189 # red HR in yellow circle white border red background – HARD ROCK CAFE
Brand puzzle 175 # blue rectangle and 2 red line on white background – KRAFT
Brand puzzle 186 # mountain like black triangle on white – QUIKSILVER
Brand puzzle 190 # silver grey H on red – HONDA
Brand puzzle 187 # 1 red line 2 blue line & blue ee, on white background – REEBOK
Brand puzzle 180 # roaring lion in yellow round circle border on black background – MGM
Brand puzzle 183 # 3 red diamond like shape on white background – MITSUBISHI
Brand puzzle 174 # big red K on white background – KELLOGGS
Brand puzzle 178 # running yellow bull in yellow triangle on black background – LAMBORGHINI
Brand puzzle 181 # man icon surrounded by green recycles sign on white – GREENPEACE

Level 6 Character

Icomania Level 6 Character Puzzle Answers Cheats

Character puzzle 188 # brown hair man with blue scarf on purple/pink background – KEN
Character puzzle 182 # orange hair kid with yellow strip red scarf and black coat – RON
Character puzzle 166 # number 53 border by black round/circle in white background with red blue line – HERBIE
Character puzzle 176 # man with hand stop signal in black glass & dress on green – NEO 

Level 6 Country

Icomania Level 6 Country Puzzle Answers Cheats
Country puzzle 167 # black face with red star cap & smoking cigar – CUBA
Country puzzle 185 # man with black hat, tie and red suit bullfighter – SPAIN

Level 6 famous people

Icomania Level 6 Famous People Puzzle Answers Cheats

Famous People puzzle 170 # man with beard moustache and brown hair wearing a suit – DICAPRIO
Famous People puzzle 191 # man with boxing gloves black hair & brown body – MUHAMMAD ALI
Famous People puzzle 169 # man with grey strips black hair wearing blue t-shirt on blue background – MEL GIBSON
Famous People puzzle 165 # man with purple collar black dress, glasses & brown hair,  sit on chair – HAWKING
Famous People puzzle 184 # a long white moustache white hair with orange headband and yellow t-shirt – HULK HOGAN
Famous People puzzle 172 # smiling man with missing middle tooth on blue color – SCHWARZENEGGER
Famous People puzzle 171 # Egyptian dress style woman with long black hair, yellow band & yellow necklace – CLEOPATRA
Famous People puzzle 173 # yellow hair girl wear blue clothes & sunglass with purple headband & bag, pink dog on grey color – PARIS HILTON

Level 6 TV & Movies

Icomania Level 6 TV Movies Puzzle Answers

TV & Movies puzzle 176 # small white circle in middle of green oval orbit in purple round – MILLIONAIRE
TV & Movies puzzle 179 # pink high-heel shoes on black white background – SEXANDTHECITY
TV & Movies puzzle 192 # word andy type in shoe on brown color – TOY STORY

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