Pic Combo level 3 Answers & Cheats

If you get stuck on playing level 3 of Pic Combo, This page will help you to know about all the answers of level 3. Similar to furthers levels you will see 2 unconnected photographs to create a new word in each stage. Each of the 2 photographs signifies a particular word, players need to complete is put the words jointly by guessed which stick together word is being hinted. This most recent game app has pleasant puzzles and these answers will help you complete the level 3 of this game swiftly. Pic Combo is appeared as a free app on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) platforms.

The game runs even on earlier Android phones, so do yourself a good turn and move to Google Play to get this free wonderful game and in case you require guide with the solutions, look at all the level 3 answers of Pic Combo from here.

Pic Combo Level 3 Answers 01

Puzzle Number 19 # family and music note (banknote)
Puzzle Number 20 # car and white plus (+) on red country map (carnation)
Puzzle Number 21 # 3 player with football jersey and shovel (teamwork)
Puzzle Number 22 # dam and flags on globe (damnation)
Puzzle Number 23 # rowing boat and vase (roaming)
Puzzle Number 24 # yellow briefcase and red book (casebook)
Puzzle Number 25 # foot toes with smile art and hammer + nail (toenail)
Puzzle Number 26 # sleeping lady and 4 boys with number 1 2 3 4 (headcount)
Puzzle Number 27 # one key and 3 chain (keychain)
Puzzle Number 28 # flat tire and people wait in a line (flatline)
Puzzle Number 29 # window jail bars and forklift (freeload)
Puzzle Number 30 # open handcuffs and bee (freebie)
Puzzle Number 31 # knight on fire and roller on field (battlefield)
Puzzle Number 32 # girl with umbrella rain art and farm (windfarm)
Puzzle Number 33 # girl taking from cup and 2 working men with yellow helmet (campsite)
Puzzle Number 34 # smiling woman with man and an open book on library (datebook)

Pic Combo Level 3 Answers 02

Puzzle Number 35 # dog using magnifying glass and woman seeing cook (eyelid)
Puzzle Number 36 # woman painting and 2 man wrestling (artichoke)
Puzzle Number 37 # snow pine and fresh apple (pineapple)
Puzzle Number 38 # body skeleton with blue color hand bone and marching band (armband)
Puzzle Number 39 # head statue and 2 apple pieces on red heart shape (headquarters)
Puzzle Number 40 # 2 bulbs yellow, white and house on hand (lighthouse)
Puzzle Number 41 # sea beach with sun and father with son (season)
Puzzle Number 42 # salt and tea powder with leaf (salty)
Puzzle Number 43 # family on shopping place and forklift (shoplifter)
Puzzle Number 44 # karate man with black shirt and power button (manpower)
Puzzle Number 45 # cows on firm and paragliding (farmland)
Puzzle Number 46 # black ant and performer eating fire (anteater)
Puzzle Number 47 # family with red heart at home and woman with cold sick (homesick)
Puzzle Number 48 # campfire and back spine in red color (campaign)
Puzzle Number 49 # black and looking owl (blackbird)
Puzzle Number 50 # woman with hearing pose, yellow dress and mobile phones (earphones)

Pic Combo Level 3 Answers 03

Puzzle Number 51 # bee and witch (bewitch)
Puzzle Number 52 # woman with flying brown hair and dazzling girl (hairstyle)
Puzzle Number 53 # lime and 1 on of 7 blubs in blue background (limelight)
Puzzle Number 54 # cow and half hidden man (cowhide)
Puzzle Number 55 # pick hammer and hand pulling black pant pocket (pickpocket)
Puzzle Number 56 # students on graduation and family on cycle (unicycle)
Puzzle Number 57 # firing match sticks and calculator pen on paper (firework)
Puzzle Number 58 # red cola can and red star on black sky (popstar)
Puzzle Number 59 # 6 different food ingredients and rabbit toy (foodstuff)


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