Samsung wants to sale 510 million mobiles in 2013, 390 million of which will be smartphones

Samsung is broadly anticipated to ship approximately 420 million mobile handsets within this year. For 2013, Samsung desires to sell 510 million handsets, 390 million of those will be Smartphones only, which is approximately 20% more than this year. The Korea Times has studied about Samsung’s plans for 2013.from several sources.

Samsung has also taken the crown of leading worldwide phone supplier from Nokia in 2012 and now the company believes it will expand its lead above Apple, Samsung’s major challenger in the device market.

As worldwide Smartphone demands are anticipated to arrive at 860-900 million pieces in 2013 as estimated by several market study firms, Samsung’s Smartphone sales will account for more than 40% worldwide market share.

Samsung’s plans of releasing Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line up as flagship devices to make brand representation and carry positively manipulation on sales of its low-range and mid-range handset have established flourishing, allowing the company to continue with the top position.

Though, further manufacturers including Nokia, LG, HTC and RIM have been attempted in some ways to rise up sales by making more resourceful their Smartphone roadmap. Moreover Sony, Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE come out to have carried on approving a strategy of releasing various handsets to continue with the market expansion.

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