Nokia Here Maps Now Supports Windows Phone 8

Smartphone giant Nokia has improved its mapping application to work on Windows Phone 8 OS platform. Actually, Nokia Here Maps needs Windows Phone 8 or upgraded versions to work effectively.

Nokia Here Maps can show nearly all locations where Bing Maps fails despondently. The most recent version of the app can only be applied for Windows Phone 8 running handsets and have a few steadiness and performance enhancements, which have yet to be point by Nokia. That’s concerning every the modifications contained in this updated application, but further will definitely be included in upcoming updates.

Nokia Here Maps Now Supports Windows Phone 8Previously Nokia has launched its individual mapping app, named Here Maps, for iOS and Android platforms. Nokia HERE Maps will as well be obtainable on the Firefox OS through an affiliation with Mozilla. The app presents maps service and search facility in around 200 global countries. Same as Google Maps, Nokia Here Maps contains public transportation, walking, driving routes.

Nokia Maps is offered as a free app to download throughout Windows Phone store. Remember that the app cannot be installable via Web, so you can just receive it straightforwardly from the Windows Phone 8 powered Smartphone.

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