4 pics 1 word 4 letter answers

Looking for all the 4 letters answers, cheats and helps for 4 Pics 1 Word game by LOTUM GmbH? The game is most popular photo puzzle game at present among iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and android gamers.

All the 4 letters answers, cheats & solutions of 4 pics 1 word game

Level 2 – JUMP
Level 5 – PAIR
Level 7 – FISH
Level 9 – SIGN
Level 10 – WAVE
Level 12 – BALL
Level 15 – DATE
Level 20 – SOUR
Level 21 – HARD
Level 22 – PULL
Level 23 – PUSH
Level 27 – CODE
Level 28 – CARD
Level 32 – LUCK
Level 33 – SOFT
Level 38 – TRIP
Level 39 – FAIR
Level 43 – LEAN
Level 45 – ROPE
Level 46 – HIGH
Level 48 – BILL
Level 52 – BOOK
Level 54 – POLE
Level 56 – BLUE
Level 57 – STAR
Level 60 – BASS
Level 62 – LONG
Level 63 – PALM
Level 64 – COLD
Level 65 – PARK
Level 66 – ROCK
Level 70 – RICH
Level 73 – WIDE
Level 75 – SINK
Level 82 – FAST
Level 85 – FULL
Level 87 – DOWN
Level 88 – SLOW
Level 90 – PLAY
Level 93 – LOUD
Level 94 – GAME
Level 97 – TEAR
Level 98 – COOL
Level 100 – TIME
Level 102 – SUIT
Level 103 – DUCK
Level 105 – KICK
Level 106 – TREE
Level 112 – HALO
Level 115 – BARK
Level 118 – MATH
Level 124 – ROLL
Level 125 – POOL
Level 127 – HAND
Level 129 – LINE
Level 133 – CELL
Level 134 – DECK
Level 136 – WALK
Level 137 – FALL
Level 141 – COAT
Level 143 – DRAW
Level 145 – IRON
Level 149 – GRIN
Level 150 – FACE
Level 153 – CHIN
Level 158 – BEAT
Level 159 – PUNK
Level 160 – DEEP
Level 161 – TENT
Level 162 – BACK
Level 166 – CURL
Level 167 – FILE
Level 168 – SAND
Level 170 – BAKE
Level 171 – READ
Level 176 – SNOW
Level 181 – PLAN
Level 184 – LOAD
Level 189 – OPEN
Level 192 – LIFT
Level 194 – LEAD
Level 195 – SOLE
Level 196 – LACE
Level 200 – PIPE
Level 203 – BUTT
Level 205 – PLUG
Level 206 – BUST
Level 208 – GOAL
Level 209 – HOLD
Level 211 – CLUB
Level 219 – CAST
Level 220 – PICK
Level 223 – FIRE
Level 228 – SEAL
Level 235 – SPOT
Level 240 – RULE
Level 243 – EDGE
Level 244 – JACK
Level 247 – WIND
Level 253 – CHIP
Level 254 – HOME
Level 263 – RAGE
Level 269 – DEAL
Level 296 – SNAP
Level 308 – ROSE
Level 311 – RING
Level 312 – DULL
Level 323 – WINE
Level 325 – PINK
Level 326 – HERO
Level 329 – GIFT
Level 341 – KISS
Level 347 – RUIN
Level 350 – FOAM
Level 355 – SKIN
Level 365 – WARM
Level 368 – MINT
Level 374 – TILE
Level 376 – SOLO
Level 381 – STOP
Level 387 – MEAL
Level 389 – LATE
Level 392 – LOOK
Level 396 – SPIT
Level 397 – BAIT
Level 398 – RATE
Level 403 – SAVE
Level 412 – COPY
Level 418 – BEAM
Level 420 – TANK
Level 423 – KNOT
Level 438 – FLAT
Level 446 – MILK
Level 462 – FILL
Level 474 – TOOL
Level 489 – ICON
Level 499 – PASS
Level 500 – WALL
Level 526 – BURN
Level 531 – CUBE
Level 533 – EVEN
Level 535 – SHOE
Level 539 – SOAK
Level 547 – MASK
Level 553 – MIND
Level 556 – BIRD
Level 567 – HORN
Level 571 – FARM
Level 576 – BOAT
Level 586 – GOOD
Level 590 – CHOP
Level 603 – CRAM
Level 620 – TUNE
Level 623 – BOND
Level 626 – PAGE
Level 632 – PART
Level 642 – VOID
Level 643 – STIR
Level 662 – TILL
Level 665 – GROW
Level 670 – PILE
Level 672 – WEAK
Level 674 – FIRM
Level 688 – KING
Level 701 – ROOK
Level 703 – BABY
Level 710 – JUNK
Level 714 – CROP
Level 725 – TAIL
Level 726 – ZOOM
Level 729 – FOLD
Level 735 – CAVE
Level 738 – BLOW
Level 742 – LOCK
Level 750 – SOAR
Level 754 – IDEA
Level 756 – GIRL
Level 770 – FORK
Level 771 – CAKE
Level 772 – SHED
Level 782 – LOSE
Level 787 – DRAG
Level 797 – WASH
Level 802 – PUNT
Level 803 – RAIL
Level 823 – PREY
Level 824 – WIFE
Level 825 – BELT
Level 826 – CAPE
Level 832 – TYPE
Level 836 – SHIP
Level 848 – MINE
Level 850 – CAGE
Level 860 – TALK
Level 863 – SWIM
Level 866 – SING
Level 880 – ROOT
Level 885 – FEAR
Level 888 – ROOM
Level 898 – WIPE
Level 902 – DEAF
Level 908 – LIFE
Level 915 – DIVE
Level 917 – IDLE
Level 918 – SNIP
Level 920 – MAZE
Level 932 – ENVY
Level 941 – HOST
Level 944 – FAKE
Level 945 – BOLD
Level 950 – BUSH
Level 954 – EDIT
Level 956 – CREW
Level 961 – FLAG
Level 966 – JOKE
Level 967 – STEM
Level 977 – SITE
Level 978 – PUMP
Level 982 – HERB
Level 986 – DISH
Level 991 – RUSH
Level 994 – LOST
Level 996 – DRIP
Level 997 – LOGO
Level 1000 – POST
Level 1002 – CART
Level 1007 – CONE
Level 1008 – SAGE
Level 1015 – FONT
Level 1017 – KIWI
Level 1019 – SURF
Level 1020 – TUNA
Level 1021 – FADE
Level 1022 – PACK
Level 1025 – BEEF
Level 1038 – HOOK
Level 1040 – FEET
Level 1041 – LAKE
Level 1043 – SODA
Level 1045 – WOOL
Level 1047 – HOSE
Level 1053 – YEAR
Level 1054 – YARD
Level 1055 – GEAR
Level 1056 – BONE
Level 1061 – HAIR
Level 1063 – WREN
Level 1068 – CROC
Level 1070 – DEAD
Level 1074 – REEL
Level 1080 – TRAP
Level 1085 – GOLD
Level 1092 – JAIL
Level 1102 – SONG
Level 1107 – MEAN
Level 1117 – PAIN
Level 1123 – SORE
Level 1124 – CHAT
Level 1128 – COMB
Level 1136 – BANK
Level 1140 – SAIL
Level 1141 – COOK
Level 1142 – BARE
Level 1143 – BUMP
Level 1148 – LEAK
Level 1158 – LEAP
Level 1163 – TINY
Level 1165 – TUBE
Level 1174 – PORT
Level 1176 – LOOM
Level 1186 – BITE
Level 1235 – CORN
Level 1246 – CORK
Level 1247 – CLAW
Level 1272 – DEBT
Level 1275 – DOME
Level 1279 – DROP
Level 1293 – DUMP
Level 1307 – SHOW
Level 1312 – FIVE
Level 1313 – GLUE
Level 1321 – EXIT
Level 1326 – HERD
Level 1328 – HALF
Level 1334 – HUGE
Level 1336 – HOOD
Level 1338 – HEAP
Level 1339 – HARP
Level 1340 – HEAR
Level 1342 – HOOP
Level 1346 – HOLE
Level 1349 – HOLY
Level 1351 – PEAR
Level 1353 – DUST
Level 1355 – COIN
Level 1362 – WING
Level 1375 – DEER
Level 1381 – EYES
Level 1382 – MALE
Level 1391 – WOLF
Level 1403 – TOES
Level 1404 – NECK
Level 1409 – RISE
Level 1411 – FOOT
Level 1417 – HEAD
Level 1421 – LEGS
Level 1426 – BIKE
Level 1428 – BAND
Level 1429 – ARMY
Level 1432 – BELL
Level 1438 – BOMB
Level 1442 – BASE
Level 1443 – BATH
Level 1448 – ANTS
Level 1449 – ARCH
Level 1450 – FACT
Level 1451 – DIRT
Level 1452 – CARE
Level 1454 – HALL
Level 1455 – COWS
Level 1456 – GRIP
Level 1458 – FORM
Level 1459 – HEAT
Level 1460 – HATE
Level 1461 – HELP
Level 1462 – DRUG
Level 1463 – FOWL
Level 1464 – GATE
Level 1465 – FOOD
Level 1466 – DOLL
Level 1467 – CENT
Level 1468 – HILL
Level 1469 – CORD
Level 1470 – DESK
Level 1471 – EGGS
Level 1472 – COAL
Level 1473 – FUEL
Level 1474 – DOOR
Level 1475 – KNEE
Level 1476 – LOAF
Level 1477 – HOPE
Level 1481 – LAMP
Level 1482 – LOVE
Level 1487 – HOUR
Level 1488 – LOSS
Level 1491 – MARK
Level 1494 – MAID
Level 1495 – LIST
Level 1497 – LEAF
Level 1601 – PAIL
Level 1602 – NEWS
Level 1605 – FROG
Level 1606 – YARN
Level 1607 – NAME
Level 1608 – WORK
Level 1609 – WEEK
Level 1611 – MOON
Level 1612 – MIST
Level 1614 – MOVE
Level 1616 – MICE
Level 1617 – NEST
Level 1619 – NOTE
Level 1620 – MEAT
Level 1621 – PEST
Level 1622 – OVEN
Level 1624 – REST
Level 1626 – SILK
Level 1627 – SOCK
Level 1628 – SHOP
Level 1629 – SOAP
Level 1630 – STEW
Level 1631 – ROAD
Level 1634 – STEP
Level 1635 – SLIP
Level 1636 – CROW
Level 1638 – SEAT
Level 1639 – SOUP
Level 1641 – SACK
Level 1642 – SOFA
Level 1645 – WORM
Level 1646 – RICE
Level 1648 – SIZE
Level 1675 – SALT
Level 1677 – VEST
Level 1678 – TEAM
Level 1679 – TOYS
Level 1680 – SORT
Level 1681 – VEIN
Level 1682 – VIEW
Level 1684 – TOAD
Level 1685 – TEST
Level 1686 – TRAY
Level 1687 – UNIT
Level 1689 – NEED
Level 1690 – TWIG
Level 1691 – SIDE
Level 1692 – WISH
Level 1693 – VEIL
Level 1694 – VASE
Level 1695 – MASS
Level 1696 – SELF
Level 1697 – TURN
Level 1698 – WIRE
Level 1706 – CURE
Level 1710 – CUTE
Level 1712 – PEAS
Level 1720 – BOWL
Level 1721 – TAXI
Level 1723 – CURB
Level 1724 – GRAY
Level 1767 – RAMP
Level 1830 – CASH
Level 1836 – LEND
Level 1840 – LOAN
Level 1860 – FOUL
Level 1877 – QUIZ
Level 1882 – FLEE
Level 1891 – MARS
Level 1901 – TOFU
Level 1903 – YOLK
Level 1905 – DIET
Level 1918 – FETE
Level 1921 – CALM
Level 1925 – SNAG
Level 1936 – SLIM
Level 1947 – TALL
Level 1950 – STUD
Level 1954 – LIMO
Level 1959 – MAYO
Level 1960 – RIDE
Level 1968 – LAND
Level 1971 – LIME
Level 1979 – SWAG
Level 1983 – JAZZ
Level 2030 – TICK
Level 2040 – PIPS
Level 2045 – LAWN
Level 2060 – LASH
Level 2068 – GOWN
Level 2069 – PUCK
Level 2075 – CANE
Level 2093 – MIME
Level 2144 – PUFF
Level 2161 – WAVY
Level 2182 – OATS
Level 2185 – WRAP
Level 2187 – THIN
Level 2192 – DATA
Level 2193 – DENT
Level 2200 – DELI
Level 2219 – WAIT
Level 2223 – HUNT
Level 2229 – BULL
Level 2242 – HAZE

4 pics 1 word 4 letters answers by picture hints

Hints:photo-1) man high-jumping, photo-2) person with skis jumping in the air, photo-3) woman jumping, photo-4) person jumping
Hints:photo-1) 2 burgers, photo-2) 2 ladybugs mating, photo-3) a pair of shoes/boots, photo-4) a pair of socks
Hints:photo-1) fish with open mouth, photo-2) fish hook, photo-3) long pier, photo-4) cooked fish fillet and greens
Hints:photo-1) hand writing with fountain pen, photo-2) wooden arrow pointing to the right, photo-3) hand writing with pen, photo-4) a yellow sign with a kangaroo and the words “NEXT 100 KM”
Hints:photo-1) little girl with backpack waving, photo-2) seagall flying above water, photo-3) woman in a field waving, photo-4) person surfing the waves
Hints:photo-1) Soccer ball through a net, photo-2) Basketball, photo-3) Golf ball being placed on a pick, photo-4) Ballroom dancing
Hints:photo-1) Calendar marked with thumb tacks, photo-2) a man thinking of a girl in a heart bubble, photo-3) a bunch of dates, photo-4) a woman cheering white wine with someone
Hints:photo-1) Lemons, photo-2) red cherries, photo-3) a little girl eats a slice of lemon, photo-4) sour cream with onions in a baked potato
Hints:photo-1) Man rides a bike up a mountain, photo-2) a stack of flat rocks, photo-3) a topless man with ripped body, photo-4) a walnut
Hints:photo-1) Office employees playing tug-a-war, photo-2) a man pulling a pallet, photo-3) a woman exercising, photo-4) a toy horse with a string
Hints:photo-1) A man in a suit point a finger, photo-2) a man in orange doing a push-up, photo-3) a woman exercising, photo-4) a child playing with a truck in the sand
Hints:photo-1) A bar code, photo-2) a opened number lock, photo-3) lined up individuals dressed in black, photo-4) a computer encryption with a magnifying glass looking at a VIRUS
Hints:photo-1) A blank card with a red bow, photo-2) a stack of credit cards, photo-3) the Ace of Hearts up a slave, photo-4) 3 Aces
Hints:photo-1) A 4 leafed clover, photo-2) a golden horseshoe with a 4 leafed clover, photo-3) a clear plastic box of ballets, photo-4) a throw of 4 black dies
Hints:photo-1) A woman dressed warmly in the winter outside, photo-2) a brown teddy bear, photo-3) a woman cleansing her face, photo-4) a woman drinking tea in her bathrobe
Hints:photo-1) A man with a backpack trying to hitch hike, photo-2) 2 girls touring, photo-3) a falls hazards sign, photo-4) a man carries a stack of books
Hints:photo-1) Justice of peace statue, photo-2) a judge’s mallet, photo-3) the carnival, photo-4) a girl playing at a games stand
Hints:photo-1) A woman leans sideways into a chair, photo-2) thinly sliced meat, photo-3) a slim woman, photo-4) a man leans on a tree trunk
Hints:photo-1) A woman skip roping, photo-2) kids skip roping, photo-3) a crane’s arm, photo-4) a window cleaner hanging in front of a building
Hints:photo-1) A man stands on the edge of a tall building, photo-2) human engineered ski slopes, photo-3) high rises, photo-4) mountains
Hints:photo-1) A pile of US money, photo-2) a woman is working with her books, photo-3) foreign currency, photo-4) receipts and a buggy
Hints:photo-1) A student carries a stack of books, photo-2) a girl reads in the park, photo-3) a concierge gives keys to a man, photo-4) a man reading
Hints:photo-1) A landscape of snow, photo-2) a woman pole dancing, photo-3) two flags flying on poles, photo-4) a landscape of ice and snow
Hints:photo-1) A blue ocean, photo-2) a girl in blue, photo-3) a blue sky, photo-4) a blue budgie
Hints:photo-1) Coloured in yellow stars, photo-2) a red carpet, photo-3) starry sky, photo-4) VIP in gold
Hints:photo-1) Musical symbol, photo-2) type of fish, photo-3) a bass is being played, photo-4) a bass
Hints:photo-1) A girl stretches her leg in the park, photo-2) a traffic jam on the highway, photo-3) a giraffe, photo-4) long finger nails
Hints:photo-1) A swing bed between two palm trees, photo-2) palm of a hand, photo-3) palm tree leaves, photo-4) light on the palm of a hand
Hints:photo-1) A woman is cold, photo-2) an igloo, photo-3) an ice cube, photo-4) chocolate ice cream cone
Hints:photo-1) A park, photo-2) a woman with head and arm out the window, photo-3) a large building (palace?), photo-4) a parking lot
Hints:photo-1) A bridge between mountains, photo-2) a rock star, photo-3) rocks, photo-4) mother rocks child to sleep
Hints:photo-1) A bag of money, photo-2) a big house, photo-3) gold bars, photo-4) a yellow race car
Hints:photo-1) Cargos under a bridge, photo-2) a long river, photo-3) a woman with open arms, photo-4) a man and a big smile
Hints:photo-1) A couple doing dishes, photo-2) a man fixes the sink, photo-3) a boat is sinking, photo-4) a sunken boat
Hints:photo-1) A sports car, photo-2) a running marathon, photo-3) a stop watch, photo-4) a cheetah
Hints:photo-1) A briefcase full of money, photo-2) a full glass of beer, photo-3) a full shopping cart of groceries, photo-4) a basket full of apples
Hints:photo-1) White feathers, photo-2) a girl holding a pillow with feathers flying, photo-3) stock is going down, photo-4) walking down the stairs
Hints:photo-1) Snails racing, photo-2) traffic jam, photo-3) seniors walking, photo-4) a man pushes his car
Hints:photo-1) A boy is pretending to be a pilot, photo-2) a theatre play, photo-3) man kicks a soccer ball, photo-4) someone plays an electric guitar
Hints:photo-1) A dog rides a scooter, photo-2) a woman screams into a blow horn at a man, photo-3) a crowd is cheering, photo-4) a baby is crying
Hints:photo-1) Jenga, photo-2) a man plays chess, photo-3) a game of soccer, photo-4) someone plays video games
Hints:photo-1) A child cries, photo-2) a rope rips, photo-3) ripped pieces of paper, photo-4) a crack in concrete
Hints:photo-1) A boy poses, photo-2) a skater leans against graffiti, photo-3) 3 ice cubes, photo-4) a cold glass of water with lemon
Hints:photo-1) A man holding a clock, photo-2) a calendar marked with thumbtacks, photo-3) the year 2013, photo-4) a family photo in white
Hints:photo-1) A judge, photo-2) a man in suit and tie, photo-3) woman in a suit, photo-4) royal flush
Hints:photo-1) A duck, photo-2) a man tries to fit in a box, photo-3) a rubber ducky, photo-4) a woman prepares to race
Hints:photo-1) Someone kick a soccer ball, photo-2) a woman karate high kicks, photo-3) a man kicks a soccer ball, photo-4) a pregnant belly
Hints:photo-1) An autumn leaf, photo-2) tree barks, photo-3) tree branches, photo-4) rings on a tree trunk
Hints:photo-1) A ring of stars around the world, photo-2) a man stands under a ring drawn with chalk, photo-3) a girl with a fur ring above her head, photo-4) a light bulb glows blue
Hints:photo-1) A dog barks, photo-2) a dog barks, photo-3) a heart carved into a tree, photo-4) tree barks
Hints:photo-1) A man tries to do math, photo-2) children try to do math, photo-3) abacus, photo-4) calculator and a pen
Hints:photo-1) A roll of toilet paper, photo-2) a roll of newspaper, photo-3) spring rolls, photo-4) a roll of 4 dies
Hints:photo-1) A swimming pool, photo-2) billiard/pool table, photo-3) a man swimming, photo-4) billiards/poo; table
Hints:photo-1) A hand with an orange watch, photo-2) a pocket watch, photo-3) a man and his poker hand, photo-4) a clock
Hints:photo-1) A racing track, photo-2) liner paper, photo-3) an telephone operator, photo-4) an empty road
Hints:photo-1) Cells phones, photo-2) a AA battery, photo-3) solar power panels, photo-4) red blood cells
Hints:photo-1) A deck of cards, photo-2) a deck on a cruise, photo-3) a deck of cards, photo-4) a deck a ship
Hints:photo-1) 2 people in an open field holding hands, photo-2) someone hiking, photo-3) someone walks their Dalmation dog, photo-4) models on the catwalk
Hints:photo-1) Slippery when wet caution sign, photo-2) autumn, photo-3) kid falls from the sky, photo-4) drop zone thrill ride
Hints:photo-1) A man outside is cold, photo-2) a woman in a fur jacket, photo-3) a wall is painted purple, photo-4) a white peacock fans his tail
Hints:photo-1) A soccer game is tied, photo-2) someone sketches, photo-3) someone drawing guns, photo-4) a drawing of a smiley face sun with crayons
Hints:photo-1) A golf club to hit the ball, photo-2) a man irons his shirts, photo-3) gears, photo-4) iron blows out steam
Hints:photo-1) A man with a magnifying glass in front of his teeth, photo-2) a girl laughing, photo-3) a man chuckling, photo-4) a devil grinning
Hints:photo-1) A green eye, photo-2) a baby’s nose, photo-3) a woman’s smile, photo-4) someone is trying to hear
Hints:photo-1) A woman props her head by the chin, photo-2) a man tries to do a chin up, photo-3) a man in a suit is smiling, photo-4) a woman is smiling and touching her chin
Hints:photo-1) People dancing in a club, photo-2) doctors listening with a stethoscope, photo-3) a woman boxing, photo-4) a man with stereo on his shoulders
Hints:photo-1) A man with a pink mohawk, photo-2) a girl with many piercings on his face, photo-3) graffiti on a wall, photo-4) a girl with and electric guitar
Hints:photo-1) A woman takes a deep breath, photo-2) a deep blue ocean, photo-3) a blue starry sky, photo-4) a deep blue sea
Hints:photo-1) A father and son in a camping tent, photo-2) a circus tent, photo-3) a tent under northern lights, photo-4) a native american and his teepee
Hints:photo-1) A topless man with a sore back, photo-2) a man sitting with is back to us, photo-3) a woman’s back, photo-4) a man is backing up his car
Hints:photo-1) A woman with curly light brown hair, photo-2) curls of ribbons, photo-3) a woman with curly blond hair, photo-4) a strip of film
Hints:photo-1) A stack of binders, photo-2) a mp3 file, photo-3) file folders, photo-4) a digital file
Hints:photo-1) A sandy boardwalk, photo-2) a dessert, photo-3) a sandbox with children’s toy, photo-4) a beach
Hints:photo-1) A whisk in a bowl of chocolate, photo-2) kneeing a doe, photo-3) a man in a bakery, photo-4) different cookie cutting shapes
Hints:photo-1) News on electronic tablets (ipad and ipod?), photo-2) two girls reading in the park, photo-3) a stack of newspaper, photo-4) parents reading to kids
Hints:photo-1) A park with fresh snow, photo-2) snow up at the cottage in the mountain, photo-3) a group of people learning to skin, photo-4) a snow man dressed like frosty
Hints:photo-1) A to do list, photo-2) group planning, photo-3) a man proposes his ideas, photo-4) a man thinking
Hints:photo-1) A woman lifting a box, photo-2) a packed truck of an SUV, photo-3) a sand timer, photo-4) a hunter loading his shot gun
Hints:photo-1) A man spread is arms wide open, photo-2) the gate is open, photo-3) a man is playing tennis, photo-4) opening a can food
Hints:photo-1) A man carries a woman on his shoulders, photo-2) a penguin lifts some heavy weights, photo-3) a man lifts a box, photo-4) a wooden toy lifts apples
Hints:photo-1) Two people cross country skiing, photo-2) a pencil, photo-3) a speeding car, photo-4) a teacher and a student
Hints:photo-1) A man kicks a soccer ball, photo-2) someone hiking, photo-3) a type of fish, photo-4) the bottom of ones shoe
Hints:photo-1) Red fancy lace patterns, photo-2) shoe lace, photo-3) tying a corset, photo-4) a pair of shoes
Hints:photo-1) Construction and underground pipes, photo-2) pipe valves, photo-3) lighting a pipe, photo-4) piles of pipes
Hints:photo-1) A goat head butts another, photo-2) a girl grabs a man’s butt, photo-3) empty beer bottles and cigarette butts, photo-4) the back of a handy man
Hints:photo-1) A drain and a plug, photo-2) a girl listens to her ear buds, photo-3) an adaptor, photo-4) a piece of the puzzle
Hints:photo-1) Head of a stone statue, photo-2) two police man, photo-3) a woman’s chest, photo-4) a woman hitch hiking
Hints:photo-1) Measuring tape around the waist, photo-2) a woman in front of a net, photo-3) a computer character holding a check mark box, photo-4) a soccer net
Hints:photo-1) A woman holding a baby, photo-2) a woman on the phone, photo-3) two people holding hands, photo-4) a woman holds a glass of water
Hints:photo-1) A man teaches to woman how to play golf, photo-2) a group of people cheering, photo-3) a soccer huddle, photo-4) two girls dancing
Hints:photo-1) An arm in a cast, photo-2) a man fishing, photo-3) two girls dancing, photo-4) someone voting
Hints:photo-1) A little girl picks her nose, photo-2) a man chooses what to wear, photo-3) a man is carving ice, photo-4) men working in mines
Hints:photo-1) A fire, photo-2) a shot gun, photo-3) man is yelling at two woman, photo-4) fireman
Hints:photo-1) A baby seal, photo-2) a hand applying an ink stamp, photo-3) wax being melted for a wax seal, photo-4) a stamped wax seal saying “QUALITY 100%”
Hints:photo-1) A man points as a woman takes photo, photo-2) a zit on a woman’s face, photo-3) a woman spies with binoculars, photo-4) the spotlight
Hints:photo-1) The word “unfair!” written on chalkboard with “un” crossed off, photo-2) man with whistle in mouth holding up a red card (soccer coach), photo-3) dog with yellow ruler in mouth, photo-4) a tsar or king of some sort pulling a canon
Hints:photo-1) A chef’s knife, photo-2) two people climbs a cliff, photo-3) a razor blade, photo-4) a construction man is mad
Hints:photo-1) Jack of clubs, photo-2) jacking up a car, photo-3) jack of hearts, photo-4) jacking up a car
Hints:photo-1) A woman in white and a white sheet blowing in the wind, photo-2) the wind on the back of an object, photo-3) baby plays with a roll of string, photo-4) windmills
Hints:photo-1) A bowl of chilli and nacho chips, photo-2) a casino chip, photo-3) a chip in the glass, photo-4) a computer chip
Hints:photo-1) Playing baseball, photo-2) a house, photo-3) a couple behind a red see-through home frame, photo-4) home base on the baseball field
Hints:photo-1) A man blows steam out of his ears, photo-2) a woman is furious with her hair standing up, photo-3) a woman in yellow with curls in her hair, photo-4) a woman holding 2 polka-dot shoes
Hints:photo-1) Two people shaking hands, photo-2) someone is shuffling, photo-3) a man on the phone with his thumbs up, photo-4) a giant key is being handed over a home
Hints:photo-1) A woman breaks a cigarette, photo-2) a woman snaps her finger, photo-3) a boy does “oh no” face, photo-4) a girl pulls at her hair in frustration
Hints:photo-1) Pinkish-white roses, photo-2) red roses, photo-3) stocks going up, photo-4) bar graph increases
Hints:photo-1) A wedding photo, photo-2) an engagement ring, photo-3) a woman on the phone, photo-4) a woman on her cell on laptop
Hints:photo-1) A math equation, photo-2) a emotion icon un-impressed, photo-3) a man alone at a party, photo-4) a bored woman holds a sticky note to her head
Hints:photo-1) glass of wine beside a barrel at dawn/sunrise or dusk/sunset, photo-2) two wine corks, photo-3) glass of wine with cheeses and grapes, photo-4) bunches of grapes on vine
Hints:photo-1) a bunch of pink and red flowers, photo-2) pair of feet with pink slippers sticking out from pink convertible, photo-3) baby with eyes closed and hands holding up chin wearing knitted pink hat, photo-4) a pink unicorn
Hints:photo-1) little boy wearing superhero costume, photo-2) cartoon of man wearing cape standing on top of mountain, photo-3) man with sword riding horse, photo-4) cartoon figure of a green superhero
Hints:photo-1) woman with red hair wearing hat pointing to camera and holding up an envelope with a red ribbon tied around it, photo-2) a red box / present with white ribbon tied into a bow, photo-3) man holding up box/envelope with red ribbon tied around it, photo-4) two kids holding a white box with green ribbon
Hints:photo-1) a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek, photo-2) a woman kissing a nerdy looking guy on the cheek, photo-3) a bunch of lipstick marks in different colors, photo-4) a man and a woman kissing
Hints:photo-1) what’s left of a stone building, photo-2) the inside of a building that has broken windows and big hole in ceiling, photo-3) a building being torn down, photo-4) a couple of ancient buildings
Hints:photo-1) guy with shaving cream covering entire head and face except the eyes and holding up shaver, photo-2) man washing his hair, photo-3) hands with soap suds, photo-4) woman taking a bubble bath
Hints:photo-1) a birthmark, photo-2) a woman pinching flesh on her belly, photo-3) hand smearing cream onto a man’s back, photo-4) hands massaging a woman’s face
Hints:photo-1) two girld smiling and hugging each other, photo-2) a dog wearing a red scarf, photo-3) a pair of colorful stocking feet on the vent, photo-4) a person wearing a red sweater holding a green and white striped cup
Hints:photo-1) woman holding up toothbrush with leaves on it, photo-2) some green leaves, photo-3) a green leaf on a bunch of white gum, photo-4) a cup with green liquid and green leaves on the side
Hints:photo-1) letters of the alphabet and numbers and punctuation, photo-2) tiles on a roof being laid, photo-3) bathroom tiles in various shades of blue, photo-4) a pile of dominoes
Hints:photo-1) a woman pilot in a plane, photo-2) a man with a hat playing the saxophone, photo-3) someone playing an electric guitar, photo-4) a man sitting on a bench holding his head
Hints:photo-1) the words “Bus Stop” on the road, photo-2) map of routes in different colors, photo-3) circular sign with red background and a white hand, photo-4) man breaking a cigarette in half
Hints:photo-1) wine glasses and food, photo-2) a waiter serving food to a couple, photo-3) worms, photo-4) wheat and flour (?)
Hints:photo-1) woman holding a clock with her mouth open, photo-2) feet sticking out from white cloth with toe tag tied to toe, photo-3) woman at a train platform sitting on red suitcase, photo-4) man pointing to his watch looking mean
Hints:photo-1) an eye with long eyelashes, photo-2) lots of colorful clothes hung up, photo-3) glasses set on a table, photo-4) woman wearing big white wide-brimmed hat
Hints:photo-1) cloudy skies above beach and water, photo-2) baby eating mush making a mess, photo-3) person holding up stick lit with fire and blowing into it, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) a decorated gingerbread house, photo-2) a cartoon worm on a hook, photo-3) a fish hook, photo-4) a mouse trap with cheese
Hints:photo-1) a red line graph that turns into a heart shape, photo-2) a house shape with “%” inside it and a man standing next to it, photo-3) a big percentage sign, photo-4) model of a house with stacks of cash
Hints:photo-1) arrow cursor and timer icon, photo-2) piggy bank with four-leafed clover in mouth, photo-3) a computer mouse, photo-4) a soccer goalie hugging a soccer ball
Hints:photo-1) writing in ink on white paper, photo-2) dentures, photo-3) father and son shaving together, photo-4) a printer / photocopier
Hints:photo-1) Sun shining through the trees of a forest, photo-2) girl reading with a flashlight under her covers, photo-3) a red laser beam and a DANGER (warning) sign, photo-4) light house shining light
Hints:photo-1) Under the water (green), photo-2) an army tank, photo-3) production tanks, photo-4) green caged ladder outside a dome structure
Hints:photo-1) Red rope tied in a knot, photo-2) a boat sailing, photo-3) man cannot choose between two (2) ties, photo-4) a woman with her hair in a bun (brunette)
Hints:photo-1) Person in black with a flat screen monitor as their head, photo-2) green flats (shoe), photo-3) green field, photo-4) a deck of a house
Hints:photo-1) Baby items, photo-2) (towel, photo-3) teddy, photo-4) milk bottle, photo-5) & lotion)
Hints:photo-1) Pumping gas (into car), photo-2) donut (bread) with orange filling, photo-3) pouring red wine into glass, photo-4) preparing (making) pot plants
Hints:photo-1) Nail and hammer, photo-2) pliers, photo-3) hand-drill, photo-4) screw driver and a wrench
Hints:photo-1) Mother Mary praying, photo-2) a woman with her white dress blown up, photo-3) emotion indicators, photo-4) internet language (signs)
Hints:photo-1) White car driving on highway (fast), photo-2) VIP card/sign, photo-3) mountains (nature), photo-4) a man catching a rugby ball
Hints:photo-1) People standing in front of a wall (drawing?), photo-2) graffiti covered wall, photo-3) Great Wall of China, photo-4) flower bed (raised and protected by a brick wall)
Hints:photo-1) Red icon of a man and woman in their underwear, photo-2) burnt toast, photo-3) fire hazard/sign, photo-4) camp fire (on a beach)
Hints:photo-1) Cube of pictures, photo-2) three (3) ice cubes, photo-3) three (3) red dies, photo-4) different coloured cubes
Hints:photo-1) Leveling concrete, photo-2) the number two (2), photo-3) a level (tool), photo-4) flipping a coin
Hints:photo-1) Black heels, photo-2) blue flip flops, photo-3) cow boots, photo-4) running shoes
Hints:photo-1) Soaking your feet, photo-2) dog gets bath, photo-3) soaking soy (yellow) beans, photo-4) yellow towel
Hints:photo-1) Mask (gold and red), photo-2) woman gets a facial, photo-3) surgeon places mask on you, photo-4) a thief/ninja in black holding a flash light
Hints:photo-1) Brainstorm, photo-2) boy thinking, photo-3) wheels in a brain, photo-4) couch on a deck
Hints:photo-1) Group of pigeons, photo-2) 2 parrots on a branch, photo-3) chick hatched from shell, photo-4) field of chicken/hens
Hints:photo-1) French horn, photo-2) rhino, photo-3) bike horn, photo-4) antlers
Hints:photo-1) Wind mills, photo-2) wheat, photo-3) a farm tractor, photo-4) field of cows
Hints:photo-1) Long brown and light blue canoes at the docks, photo-2) water crashing to side of bat, photo-3) couple fishing, photo-4) long canoe parked at the beach
Hints:photo-1) Woman (angel) with wings, photo-2) person in suit presses happy face icon, photo-3) green check mark, photo-4) LIKES button (icon on Facebook)
Hints:photo-1) Girl karate chops, photo-2) chopping lumber, photo-3) cartoon chopping log, photo-4) pork chop (fresh)
Hints:photo-1) Woman with a large bag (filled), photo-2) boy sits behind stacks of books, photo-3) person tries to close suit case, photo-4) woman stuffing face with cake
Hints:photo-1) Dials on a machine, photo-2) tuning a piano, photo-3) car engine, photo-4) playing the saxophone
Hints:photo-1) Sticking a stamp on an envelope, photo-2) 4 people join hands, photo-3) person is tiling their wall, photo-4) mother and child
Hints:photo-1) An open book to 2 blank pages, photo-2) ring boy (bear), photo-3) globe icon with web address, photo-4) person looks at their pager
Hints:photo-1) Grey gears turning with 1 red one, photo-2) couple standing back to back with a cut out of a broken heart, photo-3) man checks out his hair, photo-4) filters
Hints:photo-1) Comos in space, photo-2) holes in the ground, photo-3) person with a fishbowl for a head, photo-4) crossing a calculation error
Hints:photo-1) Stir fry vegetables, photo-2) man – painter, photo-3) girl helps mom cook in kitchen, photo-4) stirring cup of coffee
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of cashiers till, photo-2) farm (crops), photo-3) mat, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Brother plays with baby sibling, photo-2) bar graph grows, photo-3) woman in emo make-up, photo-4) currency grows
Hints:photo-1) Pile of clothes around a basket, photo-2) stacks of boxes, photo-3) little girl lying on the carpet, photo-4) folded towels
Hints:photo-1) Magnifying the broken link, photo-2) hands chain and locked together, photo-3) small red boxing gloves meets giant blue glove, photo-4) cartoon of senior with ripped sweater
Hints:photo-1) 2 men shake hands, photo-2) professions sitting at a table (meeting), photo-3) 2 pictures of professionals standing in a group, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) King of hearts (card), photo-2) lion (male), photo-3) fallen black chess pieces at a standing white king piece, photo-4) cartoon of Elvis (king of pop)
Hints:photo-1) Black bird, photo-2) crow, photo-3) rock (chess piece), photo-4) game of chess
Hints:photo-1) Kitten, photo-2) a baby duck, photo-3) a rabbit, photo-4) a baby drinking bottle
Hints:photo-1) Fast food (burger and fries), photo-2) a ship, photo-3) hard drives taken apart, photo-4) broken TVs and fan in the field
Hints:photo-1) Harvesting green grapes, photo-2) riding a horse, photo-3) picture of a woman’s face, photo-4) tracker harvesting (corns?)
Hints:photo-1) Mermaid, photo-2) salamander, photo-3) shooting star, photo-4) tail of a plane
Hints:photo-1) SLR camera, photo-2) ZOOM IN/OUT magnifiers, photo-3) magnifying glass, photo-4) a car (red) speeds pass (Indy’s)
Hints:photo-1) Folded scarf, photo-2) clasped hands, photo-3) playing cards, photo-4) origami
Hints:photo-1) Drawings of how man hunted in history, photo-2) inside of a cave, photo-3) waving white flag, photo-4) person in a cage is being lower into the water (or raised)
Hints:photo-1) 2 men fighting UFC, photo-2) cartoon explosion (BOOM), photo-3) storm blowing tropical trees, photo-4) little girl blows bubbles
Hints:photo-1) Boats at the docks, photo-2) a key left in the lock (of a door), photo-3) a woman with curly blond hair, photo-4) a combination lock
Hints:photo-1) Bald eagle flying, photo-2) bar graph growing, photo-3) helicopters, photo-4) hang gliding
Hints:photo-1) Blue lightening, photo-2) a woman with a bubble though, photo-3) man sitting on cloud typing on laptop, photo-4) a light bulb of idea (made of yellow yarn)
Hints:photo-1) Doll, photo-2) little girl holds slice of watermelon, photo-3) cartoon girl is running, photo-4) little girl is getting her hair braided
Hints:photo-1) Ham, photo-2) music sheet, photo-3) cartoon sausage cooking a sausage, photo-4) direct path splits into 2
Hints:photo-1) Purple cake with white flowers, photo-2) a plate of fish/crab cakes, photo-3) white and pink cup cake, photo-4) a girl with a birthday cake
Hints:photo-1) 2 hands cupping a shed icon in the sky, photo-2) outdoor storage, photo-3) a wooden shed, photo-4) cartoon man with hair falling out
Hints:photo-1) Woman measures her waist line, photo-2) set of keys, photo-3) running toward the finish line (red ribbon), photo-4) marbles
Hints:photo-1) Santa drags his big read bag, photo-2) man in suit pulls his suitcase, photo-3) cartoon drag racer, photo-4) woman dog sledding
Hints:photo-1) Woman does a load of laundry, photo-2) a dog gets a bath, photo-3) a woman taking a bath, photo-4) car wash
Hints:photo-1) Man rows canoe in river, photo-2) person kicks a ball, photo-3) boats parked at shore, photo-4) football game
Hints:photo-1) Rail on a deck, photo-2) skate boarder’s rail, photo-3) train tracks, photo-4) rail of a boat/ship
Hints:photo-1) Dark brown eagle, photo-2) someone steal cellphone from woman’s purse, photo-3) a dear, photo-4) a lion
Hints:photo-1) A couple sits in living room deciding something, photo-2) a couple gets married, photo-3) an elderly couple, photo-4) man puts ring on woman’s finger
Hints:photo-1) Grey rock (asteroids) flies past a planet, photo-2) luggage conveyor, photo-3) seat beat in car, photo-4) black belt in karate (martial arts)
Hints:photo-1) Man waves red cape in front of bull, photo-2) cape of a island, photo-3) woman in a cape, photo-4) little red riding hood
Hints:photo-1) Bowls displaying types of paste shapes/sizes, photo-2) woman typing at keyboard, photo-3) sign for something, photo-4) man at type writer
Hints:photo-1) Airplane cargo ship and transport trucks, photo-2) rocket ship, photo-3) ship, photo-4) a cruise boat
Hints:photo-1) 3 pictures of man digging (mining), photo-2) a blond woman stuffs mouth with noodles, photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon gorilla in cage, photo-2) baseball fence, photo-3) open bird cage, photo-4) bike leaning on pole
Hints:photo-1) A little girl in grey is being interview, photo-2) icon holds green phone receiver, photo-3) group of people with speech bubbles, photo-4) 2 women conversing on a sofa
Hints:photo-1) Mother and child (baby) swimming, photo-2) jelly fish, photo-3) dolphins dancing, photo-4) a little girl swims
Hints:photo-1) Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, photo-2) a little girl sings, photo-3) a chef sings, photo-4) cartoon of a man in robe by a fire
Hints:photo-1) Person cupping a plant in their palms, photo-2) bunch of carrots, photo-3) cartoon doing math, photo-4) moss on a tree (in forest)
Hints:photo-1) Watching a scary movie at the theater, photo-2) man bites his nails in fear, photo-3) man in suit is shock, photo-4) man is scared of what woman is telling him
Hints:photo-1) Gas/heater room, photo-2) light shinning on display stand, photo-3) row of shelf, photo-4) living room of a house
Hints:photo-1) Cleaning a table, photo-2) man wipes his forehead, photo-3) woman at the chalkboard, photo-4) little girl wipes her nose
Hints:photo-1) Woman adjust, photo-2) dog perks up his ears, photo-3) sign language, photo-4) woman in red perks her ears
Hints:photo-1) Plant sprouts through cracked pavement, photo-2) a cup of floral, photo-3) a baby laughing, photo-4) eggs in a birds nest
Hints:photo-1) Man dives of his yacht, photo-2) scuba diver, photo-3) person dives into water, photo-4) scuba diver
Hints:photo-1) Chain saw, photo-2) a koala lying on a branch in a tree, photo-3) woman waits boredly at the airport (terminal), photo-4) man in swing bed (hammock)
Hints:photo-1) Pliers to a bunch of copper wires, photo-2) man cuts his own hair, photo-3) woman cuts her own hair, photo-4) scissors to red ribbon
Hints:photo-1) Tall hedges, photo-2) man looks at maze on floor, photo-3) person in front of a maze, photo-4) a maze
Hints:photo-1) Man eats pizza and woman has apple, photo-2) man is green (with envy), photo-3) people staring at a couple hugging, photo-4) woman looks at a couple
Hints:photo-1) Judges at an audition, photo-2) 6 computers linked to 1 mother board, photo-3) waiter, photo-4) man barbeques
Hints:photo-1) Woman applies lotion (tan), photo-2) manicure nails, photo-3) dog wears an afero wig, photo-4) a toonie
Hints:photo-1) The letter B and b, photo-2) die blocks that spell NEWS, photo-3) a super hero in green, photo-4) man climbs a rock/mountain
Hints:photo-1) A desert, photo-2) cartoon man in robe by a fire, photo-3) a shrub, photo-4) a field of shrubs
Hints:photo-1) Designing a floor plan, photo-2) a laptop, photo-3) erasing the brain of a drawing, photo-4) 3 people are looking at photos at a table
Hints:photo-1) 4 siloettes doing handstands, photo-2) 3 people in red aprons, photo-3) a stewartess on a plane, photo-4) a woman sailing
Hints:photo-1) Hippees tyring to hitch hike, photo-2) poles of flags, photo-3) checkered flag (black and white), photo-4) the american flag
Hints:photo-1) Senior man makes a ‘funny-face’, photo-2) a man (teenage boy) laughs really hard, photo-3) a man with microphone and top hat in red and yellow sweater, photo-4) a jester’s hat
Hints:photo-1) Drawing a reletivity graph, photo-2) a glss of white wine (or champange), photo-3) a purple-pink tulip (flower), photo-4) tiny green balls in a larger green ball
Hints:photo-1) Drawings sitting on the grass, photo-2) man at his computer, photo-3) trailors in the park, photo-4) stadium in greace
Hints:photo-1) Oil rigs (on land), photo-2) a woman lift’s a dumb bell, photo-3) a woman uses her inhaler, photo-4) a green water pump
Hints:photo-1) Basil, photo-2) people cooking in the kitchen, photo-3) plants outside, photo-4) herbs by a jar
Hints:photo-1) An appetiezer (plate of chicken?), photo-2) a chef plates, photo-3) an empty plate, photo-4) a satilite dish (blue)
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon man runs, photo-2) man and child on roller coaster, photo-3) water by land, photo-4) a speeding red truck (ambulance – 112)
Hints:photo-1) Man in suit sits in red bleachers (seats) holding his head, photo-2) a woman sits in a corner going through her purse, photo-3) a couple hiking looks at map, photo-4) a woman shows how much weight she has lost
Hints:photo-1) Tea light (red) candle, photo-2) a drop of something to a spoon, photo-3) socks hanging on clothing line, photo-4) a dripping tap/faucet
Hints:photo-1) LIKE’ button on facebook (thumbs-up), photo-2) a sun over blue and green curve, photo-3) 2 outlines of hearts, photo-4) a spectrum of green bluse red and purple
Hints:photo-1) Man holds a box, photo-2) open envelope with @ sign, photo-3) open envelop with blank sheet, photo-4) postage stamp
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon boy drives wagon with horse, photo-2) go karting, photo-3) golf kart, photo-4) buggy (shopping) kart
Hints:photo-1) 4 scoops of ice cream in cone, photo-2) game board pieces, photo-3) bowling bowl/pins/game, photo-4) 4 candy bags in cylcone shape
Hints:photo-1) 2 men praying, photo-2) roasted meat, photo-3) bowl of dip, photo-4) sage leaves
Hints:photo-1) Person writes, photo-2) the letter A, photo-3) symbols, photo-4) the alphabet
Hints:photo-1) Kiwi fruit, photo-2) a black bird, photo-3) a sign with 3 birds on it, photo-4) a land (country) in blue
Hints:photo-1) Person surfing, photo-2) man holds surfing board, photo-3) a woman with her latop, photo-4) water brushes to shore at beach
Hints:photo-1) Sushi rolls, photo-2) a fish, photo-3) slab of tuna, photo-4) can of tuna (food)
Hints:photo-1) Something pink and folded under flower, photo-2) 3 crosses, photo-3) dials/switches of a control station, photo-4) a bald man
Hints:photo-1) Woman with a giant bag, photo-2) poker hand, photo-3) re backpack, photo-4) pack of wolves
Hints:photo-1) Beef jerky, photo-2) steak, photo-3) cow, photo-4) hamburger
Hints:photo-1) Worm on a fishing hook, photo-2) numbered hooks on the wall (9, photo-3) 10, photo-4) 11), photo-5) diamond Y’s a boy dresses as pirate
Hints:photo-1) fish swimming around a person’s feet, photo-2) 3 people laying in the grass (feet), photo-3) making a heart shape around a baby’s feet, photo-4) bare feet
Hints:photo-1) 3 boats tied to the dock, photo-2) a mother duck and 4 ducklings on the dock, photo-3) a man gives thumbs up in front of a lake and mountains in the background, photo-4) trees along the horizon beyond a body of water
Hints:photo-1) a glass of coke/Pepsi with ice cubes, photo-2) a dog with shades+popcorn+a soft drink, photo-3) a diner, photo-4) 4 bottles of soda
Hints:photo-1) sheep and lamp, photo-2) a wool sac of wool, photo-3) a wool basket of wool, photo-4) 10 bundle of wool stacked into pyramid
Hints:photo-1) a green hose, photo-2) pink panty hose, photo-3) fire man puts out fire on cliff, photo-4) a girl squeezes the hose
Hints:photo-1) the number 2014 with balloons and streamers, photo-2) the calendar year 2014, photo-3) 2013 in fireworks, photo-4) 2013 calendar
Hints:photo-1) a line of cars, photo-2) washing the ground, photo-3) lawn chair + table in the yard, photo-4) a man cleans his bbq
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a manual transmission shift gear, photo-2) picture of 9 different wheels (gears), photo-3) person is fixing bike, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) x-ray of a hand, photo-2) a bone, photo-3) a female doctor points a model spine, photo-4) skeleton of a human (front+back)
Hints:photo-1) different wavy hair colours (blond+light brunette+red+brown+purple), photo-2) a woman with brown hair, photo-3) a woman with blond hair, photo-4) a person getting hair wash
Hints:photo-1) 4 pictures of a bird on a branch, photo-2) , photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) pink crocks (the shoe), photo-2) 3 pictures of a crocodile (alligator), photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) a coffin, photo-2) 3 crosses on a hill, photo-3) statue with wings, photo-4) crime scene and chalk outline
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a wheel of film, photo-2) 2 pictures of a person fishing (making a catch), photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) a cob-web, photo-2) playing golf, photo-3) money on a mouse trap, photo-4) mouse trap
Hints:photo-1) 2 gold rings, photo-2) a gold bar, photo-3) a golden egg, photo-4) gold silk (sparkles)
Hints:photo-1) 4 pictures of a person behind bars, photo-2) , photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) 3 pictures of a woman singing, photo-2) a bird in front of a music sheet and the word PARIS, photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a girl being laughed/pointed at, photo-2) a boy is being bullied (laughed) at, photo-3) a man sweeps in a pile of money, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) silouhette with head pain, photo-2) man with sore neck, photo-3) man with lower sore back, photo-4) woman with a headache
Hints:photo-1) woman with a headache, photo-2) person with sore (left) knee, photo-3) person with lower sore back (left), photo-4) woman in blue itches left arm
Hints:photo-1) a group of teenagers sitting on steps, photo-2) 2 woman sitting on a couch, photo-3) 3 elderly men, photo-4) fingers of 1 person dressed up and conversing with one another
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a person getting hair cut, photo-2) a rake on a sand (Zen) box, photo-3) a rooster, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) light shines through opened safe, photo-2) a green field by a rive, photo-3) a piggy bank, photo-4) a ship is sinking near the shore of a beach

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